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About us

Ramdor of the TOP Group engages in the development of information systems for the world of construction. Ramdor offers a solution for shared and updated management, control and monitoring tools, online communications and the sharing of information. The Ramdor systems are internet systems, user friendly that enable the simultaneous management of hundreds of projects in a wide geographical layout, while sharing information between groups and working in full synchronization. The company and its products are in compliance with the ISO-27001 Standard.

Our outstanding advantages

Expertise and experience

30 years of experience in the development of software for the world of construction and real estate.


Almost fully integrated with other organizational systems

Leading innovation

Innovative development, implementation and assimilation of the systems in the organization.

Tools for working from the field

9 applications which enable working from the mobile in full synchronization with the system.

What's in it for you

Document management

A system for the management of documents and construction project designs. The system enables efficiency and effectiveness by sharing simple and intuitive information between all project members. Working on updated versions to prevent mistakes and repeated work! Managerial transparency, quick access and the high availability to information facilitates complex processes, prevents mistakes deriving from partial information, saves time and money.

Management of construction price lists and master agreements

Management of construction price lists and master agreements management of master agreements on the basis of the integrated database price list - the most comprehensive engineering price list in Israel! The construction price list will provide a situation status report on the scope of the construction, the costs of each phase, and will determine the budget scope and the feasibility of the project.

Budget control

Managing the construction budget. Managing the project budget, beginning with a Bill of Quantities, creating a budget estimate, coordinating the design budget with execution, contract finalization forecast - the customer takes into account exceptional items in the accounts together with estimated quantities for finalization, estimated budget balance to end of project and more! Includes an application for invoicing approval.

Tender management system, management of contracts and accounts

computerized tender management - publication and submission of a tender in the system in a secure and encoded manner. Contract and account management - One system through which all the suppliers’ contracts in the project are managed.

Site diaries

Reporting of site activities according to a timeline on a daily or weekly level. An application interface for direct reporting from the site, which includes photographic documentation, reporting and confirmation on the same log used by the contractor with the supervisor.

Quality Control

Computing quality control processes in the project allows for a minimization of faults and repair costs, the completion of projects in compliance with the standard and specifications in the schedule and budget defined. The interface includes an application for the reporting of discrepancies from the site, a heat map which maps project deficiencies and more!


RFI management, discrepancy management, submittals management, task management - process management in a computerized environment with the option to report directly from the site in the application. Optimizes and improves the monitoring of process closures in the project.

Tenant Management

Hand-over of apartments, tenant portfolio, managing the inspection year - starting with the signing of the contract with the tenant and by using a designated application in Ramdor which interfaces with the Ramdor Net system, you will be able to conduct a healthy and efficient relationship with the tenants. A documented hand-over process, assembly of tenants’ queries, service to the tenant, initiating service calls and more!

BIM tools

Design management on a 3D BIM model. In a BIM Ramdor environment you will be able to work in collaboration with the design partners and executing contractor on the 3D model, extract a Bill of Quantities directly from the model and to send the model directly to the copies institute. BIM RAMDOR enables the designer to work on a 3D model in a familiar design environment - REVIT with an advanced Ramdor interface.


The comprehensive solution for the maintenance manager. Preventative maintenance and fracture maintenance suitable for small and large organizations. Tailored to the needs of maintenance and operations managers on the internet and on mobile devices.

BI Ramdor

A management dashboard which enables the analytical analysis of business information when making strategic decisions. Supports taking operative actions to improve on a given business situation, suitable for different sized companies: small or large.


Management and control of safety security on site. Managing all safety systems including the management of manpower and equipment on site, according to regulation and in full compliance with the requirements of the law.

Ramdor 3D visualization

Castory significantly reduces the expenses incurred due to rework. It is a user-friendly platform for tracking progress and documenting construction projects, enabling comprehensive management of every aspect of the Jobsite. With Castory, costly mistakes can be avoided. Our platform employs wearable cameras that capture images of the construction site, which are then automatically aligned with the floor plans. This enables remote inspections from anywhere and at any time, allowing identified issues to be viewed and resolved collaboratively within our system.

Ramdor JM – schedule

With Ramdor JM, you can efficiently handle several projects effortlessly, manage data loads, and successfully navigate the unique challenges each project presents. Our scheduling and synchronization management platform is designed to help you shorten construction schedules and promote better team alignment in real-time. Stay informed of your progress against your plan with our dynamic and dedicated platform. We provide you with real-time updates so you can keep track of where you stand and ensure that you meet your project goals.

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